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VoIP, ISDN, PBX & office moves


WIRED connection

Want to know what kind of phone system is right for YOUR business?

Hosted, Onsite, PBX, VoIP…How do YOU even begin to decide?

BLEND’S experts are here to help YOU do just that. 

We’ll come and asses your business setup, so that we can provide you with the PERFECT phone system- jargon free and hassle free from decision to installation day.  SIMPLE!

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Cloud based systems - VoIP

EVERYONE is talking about putting technology in the cloud these days. We can provide a phone system that CONNECTS DIRECTLY to the internet running calls over a dedicated broadband line. Not only will VoIP give you MORE FEATURES and save you money, everyone will have to move to the cloud by 2025 when ISDN is switched off so BEAT THE RUSH NOW.



ISDN & analogue lines

If you’re not quite ready to make the jump into the CLOUD and still need ISDN or analogue, fear not ……… we can hook you up (until 2025 at least).



Onsite PBX systems

From SMALL offices to LARGE call centres - our PBX solutions manage all YOUR calls, from voicemails to routing to the right department. How? An onsite server will handle all internal and site-to-site calls for YOU.


Office moves

Are YOU thinking of MOVING?

Are YOU about to MOVE?

Have YOU MOVED already?

What will your staff need most on day one in your new office? Without a doubt it’s the internet and phones.

Make your move less stressful by letting us move your existing phone system to a NEW OFFICE with minimum disruption.



Memorable numbers

YOU can take CONTROL…… Choose YOUR very own memorable number to stand out from the CROWD. Various numbers available including cities that you’ve been trying to sell into for a while.