Samsung revealed its first foldable phone – they just keep getting BETTER and BETTER.

Our mobile devices already do everything and anything! They have definitely changed the world.

But have you ever wondered what your mobile phone will look like in 10/20 years?

They will have better batteries, folding phone displays, console-killing graphics, super network speeds – 5G and better digital assistants (Siri and Google)!

Meet The Samsung Infinity Flex Phone (It'll likely be one of the most expensive phones around)

What does it exactly do? (We don’t know what it will exactly do …. But it is very new technology)

It’s a phone and tablet.

It will be roughly a 7inch display that will be able to fold and unfold into many different sizes.

Able to run 3 apps simultaneously.

Should be launching sometime very soon…… 2019 !!!

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Jay Birch