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Fibre, Leased Lines & Mobile Broadband.


Put a ROCKET up your Broadband…

AT BLEND we’re all about staying CONNECTED. 

You see, FAST and EFFECTIVE broadband doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

We offer a SPEEDY internet connection which gets YOU working FASTER and BETTER.

And we’ll take care of everything for you, from set-up and installation to connecting individual users.

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Fibre Broadband

We offer ROCKET SPEED broadband - without YOU having to try and figure out the best speed available or work out what FTTC or FTTP means… leave that to the experts.



Leased lines & Ethernet

Is YOUR broadband a bit slow?
Fed up of sharing it?
Or no fibre in your area?
A LEASED LINE is what YOU NEED… it means a dedicated connection to YOUR building - allowing you to keep all the speed for YOUR business…



Mobile broadband

Is YOUR business based on tempory sites?

Are YOU running a ONE MAN SHOW?

We can get you broadband just about ANYWHERE by using the combination of 4G and 5G networks through a specialised router. Ideal for a temporary office or business on the move…