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Business Mobiles

Choice of EE, Vodafone & O2 Connectivity.


Keeping your Business CONNECTED


Our bespoke business mobile packages are designed to deliver high speed, high quality voice and data connections for YOUR team.

We can do some super smart things for YOU and YOUR business thanks to our EXPERT knowledge and PREMIUM partnerships with Vodafone, EE and O2.

BLEND will take the hassle out of your upgrade by moving you to your new network - delivering devices straight to the user and helping with YOUR switch. We even offer TRAINING for new devices for YOU and YOUR TEAM.

Be a BIG fish in a small pond.

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All networks

We work with all the big networks (Vodafone, EE and O2) to offer you unbiased advice and a greater choice of CONNECTIVITY.

We offer spend caps on all our contracts to make sure you dont get a nasty surprise at the end of the month - there’s always that one employee who tries to stream Netflix from his sunlounger in Spain.



Detatch your phone from your sim

The industry’s best kept SECRET is that your phone is paid for on month 16 of a contract but you’re locked in until month 24. Detatch your sim and phone payments by going sim only with separate finance for the phone - saving your business money and allowing your team to have SHINY new phones sooner.



Landline in your pocket

If you’re a small business this can REALLY help you save money by eliminating those costly call diverts. Landline in your pocket puts a local landline number on your mobile and makes you look established, it reassures new customers and it shows people you’re local.

You have an office phone in your pocket, in other words you’re a MOVING OFFICE- flexible, professional and effortless.  You will never miss a phone call again.


Internet of things - IOT

Robots are taking over but even they need an internet connection to work.

Our IOT plans can work on multiple networks at the same time making sure your THINGS are always connected…



Tool not a toy

Choosing the next smartphone for your business shouldn’t be about what you can afford or simply picking the latest SWANKY phone. It’s more about having THE tool to suceed in your business. We can advise and supply ruggedised devices with INFRARED CAMERAS, phones with keyboards to TYPE FASTER or simply phones with LARGER BATTERIES to power you through YOUR busy day.

Blend Telecom - Rugged Phones


Memorable numbers

YOU can take CONTROL. Choose YOUR very own memorable mobile number to stand out from the CROWD.

Various numbers to choose from, get in touch for the latest availability.