Cardiff to be one of the first cites to get 5G

Cardiff One of the first 5G Cities – The next generation of wireless.

ARE YOU READY for 5G? Vodafone UK have announced that Cardiff will be one of the first 6 cities to get 5G coverage in the UK which is exciting times for small businesses in the area.

What is 5G?  It stands for FIFTH GENERATION, it will provide a faster network and has the potential to transform the internet. According to the next generation mobile network 5G network should be based on user experience, system performance, enhance services, business models and management and operations.

Software defined network- in other words it will have x100 times more capacity than 4G which will dramatically improve internet speed. For example: to download a two-hour film on 3G you would be waiting 26 hours on 4G 6 minutes and on 5G just over 3 SECONDS!!!

5G will be the foundation for virtual reality, driverless cars, the internet of ‘things’- (which means more devices will be able to connect to the internet) and stuff we can’t even imagine.  It has the potential to transform transport, agriculture, education, public services, healthcare and more

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Jay Birch