When it comes to broadband for your business, you’re not short on options BUT reliable internet is essential!

Here are some options to ensure your business has the fastest internet connection in South Wales.  

Let’s take it to the cloud?

The cloud has changed the communications world. You can take your storage and work everywhere and anywhere. You can access all you work on any device that has access to WiFi. The main problem that customers face is that their internet connection isn’t fast enough from their office to upload and download their own data to the cloud. Below is a solution that could help eliminate this problem.

The leased line / Ethernet?  

It’s a private bidirectional or symmetric telecommunications circuit between multiple locations in exchange for a monthly rental fee. Sometimes known as a private circuit or data line in the UK. In other words it’s a dedicated connection to YOUR building - allowing you to keep all the speed for YOUR business. one main advantage is that the upload and download speed will be the same. e.g. a 100MB connection will have 100MB upload speed and 100MB download speed! 

As broadband goes, a leased line is a more costly option. We're talking a few hundred pounds per month, plus anything from £500-£1,500 for installation (Blend can assist you all the way)! But it is absolutely vital for a number of businesses especially if your business is growing!!

Why do you need it?

It offers a high-quality broadband connection which is absolutely vital to your business - or would give it that extra oomph - it's worth every penny.

 Consider leasing a line if your workplace...

. Is a very big office with dozens of people to connect

. Needs to transfer large amounts of data, all the time

. Does financial trading

. Runs a big website

. Needs guaranteed, reliable internet for many people, 24/7

. Uses VoIP a lot

. There’s no Fibre in your area 

Need a helping hand to help purchase the leased line? Don’t worry the Government is offering a £2500 broadband boost voucher. GET ON IT!

Blend can also offer alternative Internet connections such as Fibre and 4G is a leased line isn’t for you.

If you’re a business in Cardiff or South Wales and want a better and faster broadband system contact us NOW on 02920 456 789

Jay Birch