ISDN Switch off confirmed for 2025

ISDN Switch confirmed for 2025 – What does this mean for YOU and YOUR Business?

Did you know BT will be switching off ISDN lines used by most businesses by 2025? Its time to switch to the CLOUD.

BT will be shifting from ISDN to– Voice over IP. (VoIP)

What is VoIP? 

A form of voice communications – in which a voice is sent over the internet in order to make a call.

Why bother with VoIP?

  1. Saveing your business vast amounts of money

  2. Specifically reacting to your business needs by adding and reducing lines.

  3. Faster installation = better and longer lasting connection

  4. Offer flexible solutions – can move your telephone to different locations.

  5. Offers business continuity and advanced features.

  6. Higher resiliency meaning less down time (DEPENDABLE)

What do you need to do to be ready for the switch off? BLEND can help you with all these aspects!

  1. Ensure your internet connection is strong enough

  2. Supply new and modern handsets

BEAT THE RUSH and give us a call – we want to help you make the big switch in the smoothest way possible.

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