Should you lease or buy your phone?

You don't own your own phone, you rent it. Enjoy total flexibility, keep control of your finances and get the latest smartphone every year.


Leasing Vs Buying

Pros of Leasing                                                                               

No up-front fees, lower monthly payments, frequent upgrades and an option to purchase after lease.

Cons of Leasing

Must stay in good condition, cannot resell or trade-in and only available for top models

Pros of Buying

You own it, you can resell it, financing options are available and trade-in for carrier promotions

Cons of Buying

Higher up-front fees, higher monthly fees, higher termination fees and infrequent upgrades

Why is this better for your business?

With a lease, they’ll push you near the one-year mark to trade the phone in for a new one. Having the latest phone for will make your business smarter and faster.

This way you always have the best camera, always have a phone that’s getting software and security updates. You don’t have to worry about normal battery-life degradation that starts kicking in once you’ve had a phone for a year or two.

Contact us to see the best leasing or buying plan for you and your business.

Jay Birch