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UEM, voice recording, pocket landline & memorable numbers.


We are clever….

So let us show you what WE can offer to make you and your business SMARTER.

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Universal Endpoint management (UEM)

Did you know that we can provide software to CONTROL your employees’ mobile devices.
In fact we can help you manage any connected devices, from laptops to smartwatches.
Our CLEVER software can enforce security policies such as: remote wiping (when devices are lost) to enforcing apps on your device. It can encrypt all your communications to and from your device- keeping your data private and secure. Taking control of your devices will allow you to remain compliant in the new GDPR world.



Voice recording

If you’re regulated by the FSA, PCI or Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts we can offer you a great voice recording solution.

We can provide a SOLUTION that can record incoming and outgoing calls on your landline and mobiles.



Landline in your pocket

If you’re a small business this can REALLY help you save money by eliminating those costly call diverts. Landline in your pocket puts a local landline number on your mobile and makes you look established, it reassures new customers and it shows people you’re local.

You have an office phone in your pocket, in other words you’re a MOVING OFFICE- flexible, professional and effortless.  You will never miss a phone call again.


Memorable numbers

YOU can take CONTROL…… Choose YOUR very own memorable number similar to our own (02920 456 789), to stand out from the CROWD and increase sales. Various landline and mobile numbers are available including ones in cities that you’ve been trying to sell into for a while.




It doesn’t matter if you’re a big or small business you should insure your electronic devices.

We cover loss, theft and damage. If anything happens to your devices we can ensure you, that your device will be back up and running in no time.