Does your electronic gadget claim that it’s Water resistant?

If so it carries an IP rating – What is IP? IP means – International Protection it is all about protecting the inside of your phone from the outside.

 Most of our 21st century phones have an IP rating of IP67 & IP68 …….. Water & Dust resistant (probably not as resistant as we think) WHAT?!?  

  1. The first number (6) stands for keeping solids out and a 6 means not even dust can go in.

  2. The second number (7) or (8) stands for water proofing, if it has a 7 it should be able to survive between 15cm and a 1m for 30minutes if it has an 8 should be able to survive up to 3m of water.

The good news: these days, a lot of our devices mainly mobiles are at least water-resistant.

The bad news: they’re probably not as resistant as you think. 

But it is best to keep your electronics as dry as possible…… but if you and your business work on a construction site or work around water and dust, give us a call and we can help you find the perfect ruggedized phone such as ones provided by CAT.

Jay Birch